FAQs about Bandhavgarh National Park
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FAQs about Bandhavgarh National Park

FAQs About Bandhavgarh National Park

About Bandhavgarh National Park 

The Bandhavgarh National Park/ Tiger Reserve is located between the Vindhyan and Satpura ranges of Madhya Pradesh. The habitat is characterized by valleys, hills, and plains, with the Bandhavgarh fort prominently seen as a major landmark. The habitat consists of tropical moist, deciduous forests with sal, mixed forests, and grasslands. The habitat also has several archeological monuments.

Forest Area:
Combined Core & buffer area: Total 1536.936 km2

Forest Type:
The most commonly-found carnivore and omnivore species in Bandhavgarh National Park include Indian tigers, Leopard, wild dogs, jungle cats, wild boars, chital, jackal, hyenas, and wolf. Herbivores species like Deer, rhesus macaque, langur, gaur, sambar, and Gaur can also be seen in the herd in the forest. In total, there are more than 210 species of bird in Bandhavgarh National Park. Amongst these species around 170 species comprise various migratory birds.


1 How Many Tiger Safari Zones are there in Bandhavgarh?

There are approx 10 safari Gates in Bandhavgarh National Park. Few are core gates & few are buffer gates. Sightings are good in a few of the core and buffer. To know more about the details of the sightings please visit WildTrails website  https://wildtrails.in/


2. What is the Jungle Safari Timings in Bandhavgarh?

The jungle safari timings in Bandhavgarh are different for the summer and winter seasons. The daylight hours are shorter in winters, while they are longer during the summers. The morning safaris in Bandhavgarh National Park are conducted from 7:00 AM to 10:30 AM, while the evening safaris are conducted from 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM. The timings may change depending on the season.


3. How many types of Jungle safaris are there in Bandhavgarh?

  • Exclusive Jeep safaris 
  • Shared Jeep Safaris
  • Canter Safari(Shared option)
  • Full-Day exclusive safari


4. What is the difference between Full day, exclusive, Shared & Canter safaris

Exclusive Safari: Safaris jeeps are exclusive for your family. No other travelers are allowed to get in your jeep. You can conveniently have breakfast and you will have control to stop the jeep where ever and whenever you want. Also, only for exclusive jeeps, WildTrails expert tiger trackers will be allocated.

Shared Jeep Safaris: One safari Jeep can accommodate 6 people. The cost of the entire jeep safari is X cost + cost of the guide & driver which is divided into 6 parts. But if u have 4 persons in the gypsy/Jeep rest are absent then the remaining 2 seat amount is divided by 4 and you are supposed to pay the difference amount.  If u r alone then u will have to pay the full amount. Also, Expert wildlife trackers will not be allocated for a shared jeep or canter safaris.

Canter Safari: Canters are big open bus and all these buses go into Core Zones. And canters are pocket friendly too

Full-Day Safaris: Full-day safaris are expensive and these are meant for wildlife photographers. In full-day safaris, you are allowed to be in the forest from early morning till late evening and you have zone-free access.  Only 4 people are allowed in full-day safaris

Jeep safaris At Bandhavgarh


5. Where are the best places to explore in and around Jabalpur ?

Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh is approximately 170kms while Jabalpur to kanha is 280 Kms

6. What is the best way to reach Bandhavgarh?

By Air
The nearest International airports are-
Jabalpur Airport – 170 km Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh. Apprix 3 hours drive

By Road
Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh 170 Kms

By Train
You need to arrive at Umaria railway station which is around 35 kilometers from Bandhavgarh National Park.

7. Are Bandhavgarh Jungle safari Safe

Yes, Jungle safari is safe


8. What do you mean by Expert Tiger Tracker ?

WildTrails has a complete database of forest guides, forest drivers & naturalists. We have details of their experience, their wildlife tracking skills, etc. Nobody can guarantee a tiger or wildlife sightings, but with Wildlife sighting data, allocating a guide/driver with better tracking skills will increase your chances of sighting wildlife.

9. Bandhavgarh Packages or Bandhavgarh Safari Packages

In WildTrails, we have park-wise ​packages, multi-park packages & fixed departure packages.​ The beauty of our packages is along with the packages you get to see recent wildlife sightings and live updates. WildTrails has in-depth knowledge of sightings and we have a huge network of expert tiger trackers. ​ Our Packages involve end-to-end services that stay with all meals, safaris gates based on sightings, pick up & drop from the resort to the safari gate, expert tiger trackers for all your safaris and if required we also help with the airport to airport pick up & drop.

Few of the Bandhavgarh tour packages or Bandhavgarh safaris packages are below
​3 Nights 4 Days Bandhavgarh Safari Packages​ or ​3 Nights 4 Days Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari Packages
Checkin: –
Checkout: –
Adults: 2 &1 child
Resort: Premium, Luxury, Mid-Range, or Budget
3-night stay, 1 Room & 1 extra bed (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner), 3 safaris (1 core & 2 buffer), pick up & drop from resort to the safari gates, Expert Tiger Tracker, pick up drop from Nagpur, WildTrails customer support
*Total package cost = INR /-*
​These packages are easily Get Customized Bandhavgarh Packages visit our website:

Bandhavgarh Packages


10. How do I book Bandhavgarh Safari Online?

Head over to https://wildtrails.in/ for the best deals on accommodations and safari.

11. What Documents & Information Required to Book Bandhavgarh Safari?

To book your Bandhavgarh Safari online in advance, you will be required to provide the following details:

  • ID proof like Aadhaar Card, Voter Id, PAN Card, Driving License (mandatory).
  • Date of booking safari & safari timings (morning/afternoon).
  • Information about each visitor as printed on the ID Card including full name, sex, etc.
  • Safari entry fees are paid in advance.
  • A passport copy is required for International tourists.


12. Are safari bookings refundable?

No refund or cancellation is permitted on confirmed bookings.


13. How many days in advance can I book the Bandhavagrh Safari?

You Should book your Bandhavagrh Safari as early as 90 days in advance.


14. What is the probability of sighting tigers?

The sightings in the jungle are more of a gamble. Tiger sightings can never be guaranteed. However, you can only improve the chances. We, at WildTrails, are pioneers in scheduling a safari tour based on the sighting index. It is the data of the wildlife received directly from the forest.

The other major factor is accommodating an expert tiger tracker. These are the best people who can help you find the best sighting while on safari.

15. Which is the Best Gate in Bandhavagrh?

There is no gate that is termed as the best. An expert tiger tracker along with the sighting data can help you better the chance of wildlife sightings. Check out more details of the gates and which gate to choose for at https://wildtrails.in.

16. How many Tigers are there in Bandhavagrh National Park?

The buffer and the core areas of Bandhavagrh National Park are estimated to have 65-70 according to the locals over there.

17. When is the best time to visit Bandhavagrh?

The best time to visit Bandhavagrh for a safari would be from October to June. July to September would not be a good time due to rains.
Weather from October to February is expected to be extremely cold, particularly during the morning safari. It is strongly recommended to plan your attire accordingly.
The weather from March to June is expected to be dry and humid.

18. What are the things that need to be carried while on a safari in Bandhavagrh?

A lot of things are to be carried for the safari. The topmost thing to be carried out would be drinking water. The safari would either be in the morning or during the afternoon and you can expect the humidity to be high. Sunscreen lotion, hat, sunglasses are the necessities. Never carry liquor or tobacco while on safari.
Never ever forget your camera because you don’t want to miss out on the rarest sighting.

19. What to wear while on safari in Bandhavagrh?

Wear light-colored clothes while on safari. Carry rain jackets since the rains are unpredictable here. We recommend you carry gloves, sweaters, warm caps, mufflers during winter.

Customers who have booked Bandhavgarh Packages with WildTrails: What customers have to say who booked Bandhavgarh safari packages with us: 

Testimonials Of WildTrails

20. Which is a better slot for safari? Morning or afternoon?

A tricky question. However, we would recommend scheduling 2 safari drives, one each in the morning and afternoon.
At Bandhavagrh, you have the option for a half-day and full-day safari.

21. Which national park do you suggest visiting?

Bandhavagrh National Park is indeed the most visited national park and is recommended to visit for a lifetime experience.

22. Is the transfer from the resort to the gate included in the package?

The transfer from the resort to the safari gate is included in the Bandhavagrh safari package.

23. Which safari option is better? Gypsy or canter?

Gypsy is better for effective sighting. You can explore deep through the woods in Gypsy. The safari duration is longer in Gypsy compared to canter.

24. Are Personal Vehicles allowed in the Bandhavagrh national park

No, the Indian Forest Department doesn’t allow private or personal vehicles inside the forest.


25. What is the advantage of booking With WildTrails?

WildTrails is a pioneer in organizing wildlife tours to all the major national parks in India and Africa. Hence, we take care of end to end bookings that are needed for a Wild lifer.

26. What do WildTrails Recent Sightings mean?

WildTrails have come up with the use of the emerging technology and reliability of the genuine data known as sighting index. It is now much easier and more accurate to predict the region of the forest with tiger sightings with the help of a sighting index. In a place where there is no GPS, anyone can rely on us to plan a wildlife safari.


27. How is WildTrails unique from others?

6 reasons why booking from WildTrails makes you stand out from others-

  • Hassle-free booking experience.
  • Support assistance from the experts.
  • Expert Tiger Tracker for your safari.
  • Sightings data (Exclusively from WildTrails) for effective planning of your wildlife venture.
  • We take care of your complete vacation, from transfer, accommodation, safari, meals to make it stress-free.
  • 16-hour chat support


28. What is WildTrails USP?

Sighting Index and expert tiger tracker for safari. With these, we boost your sighting chances up to 90% while the rest depends on the fortune.

29. Do you do Africa safaris as well?

Yes, we do help schedule safari trips to Africa.


30.What are WildTrails cancellation policies?

  • 30% deduction anytime after the trip is booked
  • 50% payment deduction, if 1 month before the trip is canceled
  • 85% payment deduction, if 15 days before the trip is canceled
  • 100% payment deduction, if the trip is canceled within 15 days

Any cancellation refund will be only as a credit note. In case of any changes, we charge 5% as a charge fee from our side (if there is scope & availability for a change) and any resort/safari/governmental charges if any on top of it. (change is possible only if there is availability)

31. How do I make payment? Can I pay by credit card?

Payments can be made either by-
Wire transfer
Card(payment gateway charges apply)

32. Bandhavagrh online safari booking. Will you help?

Yes, we are happy to help you. Head over to https://wildtrails.in/ to book your safari to bandhavagrh.

Reasons to book your holiday with WildTrails-

1) Dedicated platform for a wildlife holiday.
2) No travel agent commission involved. Direct price from the resorts, hence, the best price in the market.
3) No middlemen, no additional commissions, no unnecessary markups, the best competitive rates you can ever get, and the best part is you connect directly with the Resorts/Hotels
To know more and to get a full list of jungle/nature resorts, please click https://wildtrails.in



Bandhavagrh National Park is explored not just by wildlife enthusiasts but also travelers all over the country. It is of utmost importance that you need to know the reality before planning for a safari tour here. Hence, the above FAQs about Bandhavagrh shall help you plan better. Connect with experts to plan your next wildlife adventure by heading over to our portal.

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