Jackal Kills Stork in an Epic Battle | Jackal Vs Marabou Stork
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Jackal Kills Stork in an Epic Battle

Jackal Kills Stork

Jackal Kills Stork in an Epic Battle – Onlookers on a game drive in the North West province were treated to a very out-of-the-ordinary sighting when a black-backed jackal made a meal of an unsuspecting stork!  .It must have been its stomach talking, because ‘stork’ isn’t a typical favourite on the usual jackal menu…

Marabou Stork

The unexpected sighting took place at Kubu Dam in the Pilanesburg National Park. Jackals are competent hunters of small-scaled mammals and birds. But even though storks fit the bird description, the massive feathered fellows aren’t known to fall prey to small predators like jackal. Marabou storks, like the one seen in the footage, are one of the world’s largest flying birds. Their diet consists of picking clean carcasses and scavenging for other rotting material in the wild.

In This Video The jackal can be seen snatching the featherless neck of the stork, attempting to drag it to the floor. And the struggle Of Stork continues.After few seconds it seems the jackal succeeds in driving the stork to complete exhaustion and gradually starts to chew through the flesh of the bird with its piercing teeth.The jackal boasts a successful kill and we can see this as it appears to be chuffed, waging its tail from side to side.


Know More About Marabou Storks

Marabou storks are large, long-necked wading birds with a long, bare throat sac, long-legged. Size from Approximately 150 cm (59 in.)WeightUp to 9 kg (20 lbs.) These storks have an extremely large range and can be found throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. These birds inhabit open dry savannas, grasslands, swamps, riverbanks, lake shores, and receding pools where fish are concentrated.

marabou stork attacks flamingo

Facts About Marabou Storks

  • Marabou Storks possess hollow leg and toe bones.This is an important adaptation for flight in large birds.
  • Marabou Storks gets much of their food by scavenging. They are attracted to lion kills, domestic stockyards, plowed fields, and rubbish piles.
  • These Big Birds are also attracted to grass fires and will march in front of the advancing fire to grab any fleeing animals.
  • These storks may associate with herds of large mammals in order to catch insects disturbed by their movements.
  • Marabou Storks have been known to feed on adult flamingoes.
  • These storks need to eat more than 700 g (1.6 lbs.) of food a day.
  • The pouch on their throat is not used for food storage and may be used during courtship.
  • These big birds, nest in the dry season when carrion and evaporating pools that contain the natural prey necessary to raise their young are available.


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