Kanha National Park Safari booking
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Kanha National Park Safari booking

All you want to know about Kanha

The heart of India is filled with lush green forest areas and limitless explorations. The Satpura range is one of the places to look out for. Kanha National Park is a forest reserve where the wildlife is abundant amidst dense woods. A safari here would be amazing! We, at WildTrails, help you plan and book your next safari to Kanha National Park.

The national park is spread across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Chattisgarh, Hence, it is considered the biggest forest reserve in central India. The 900-odd square kilometers area of lush green and dense forests has a lot to offer and hence we come up with a complete guide to plan your adventure to Kanha National Park.


History Of Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park was formed in 1955. However, the tiger reserve was introduced in 1973. The forest was initially inhabited by a category of scheduled tribes known as Gonds. Hence it was known as Gondhwanas – The land of Gonds. They are so familiar with animal behavior and have dominated the jungle. However, you can still find a few of the tribals residing around the forest.


Flora and Fauna Of Kanha National Park

1000 odd species of flowering plants are seen at Kanha Forest reserve attracting a lot of nature lovers to explore Kanha on a regular basis. The lower altitude of the forest consists of mixed forests, interspersed with meadows and sal trees. While the higher altitude of the forest consists more of tropical moist and dry deciduous forests. The Ghost tree, known for its change in color according to the season, can be sighted in Kanha National Park.

Kanha National Park is known for sighting the Royal Bengal Tigers. There are over 83 tigers today in about 2000 square kilometers. Besides, there are leopards, wild dogs, sloth bears, foxes and jackals, and gaurs. Not to forget, the reserve is home to over 300 species of birds.

Flora and fauna of Kanha National Park


Safari Types At Kanha National Park-


Exclusive Jeep safari

A high-powered Gypsy that can bust into the woods is the choice of most of the visitors. It is smaller than other options and can get into every aperture of the zone. When you plan for a jeep safari, an exclusive option is recommended for quite a few reasons. The Covid has paved the way for social distancing and tending towards attaining personal space. you are in complete control of the safari ride. You can start a little late, get back a little early if you wish to do so, decide for how long you would like to stay at a particular spot (you never know, you might get the best glimpse of sighting and would want to spend more time there)

With Wildtrails, you get a skilled driver who can drive through the toughest but right terrains for amazing sightings. An expert tiger tracker who knows the right time and zone for the sighting you are craving. We pick you up from the hotel for the safari and drop you back.

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Shared Jeep safari

A shared jeep safari is a great bang for the buck for those who are ready to share the cost with others. You will be booking one of the 6 seats and bear the cost for the same, while the remaining seats shall be occupied by the other visitors.

Jeep safaris in Kanha National Park are in high demand (both exclusive and shared), free not as we can ease your job of booking the best package for safari in Kanha.



kanha safari


Canter Safari

A bus that can seat up to 20 persons, Canter safari is preferred more by solo travelers. The budget-friendly safari option here. There are exclusive and shared options for canter. If you are a bigger group, with family or colleagues, then the canter option is the best.

The elevated height in the canter is a major advantage for better sightings. The budget-friendly category is another advantage.

Just like jeep safari, canter safari has both private and exclusive options. The demand for canter safari is again in high demand. However, we shall help you schedule the safari here.

With Wildtrails, you get a skilled driver, an expert tiger tracker who knows the right time and zone for the sighting you are craving. We pick you up from the hotel for the safari and drop you back.


Full day safari

A 12-hour ride in and out of the park is a luxurious way to explore the jungle. You have the privilege to visit any zone you like. Take all possible angles of the park and boost your chances of a sighting. You can return to your hotel for breakfast, lunch, or whenever you want to take a break. Full-day safari option is one of a kind in India.

The full-day safari operates by a private jeep that can accommodate up to 5 tourists. Since it is an exclusive option, you can start a little late and finish a little early as per your convenience.


Best Season To Visit Kanha National Park

The best time to visit Kanha National Park is anytime between November to May. The sightings are way better in summer since the wildlife moves out of their territory in quest of water.

The forest reserve is usually closed during the monsoons. Moreover, it is not recommended for a safari drive during monsoons as the terrains are expected to be slippery. When it comes to sightings, the wildlife prefers staying within the territory at this time of the year.

KeyTips For First Time Visitors


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Now, you know the way to book the safari at Kanha, it is big time to plan and schedule your next safari at Kanha National Park.

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