Now there is a machine learning app to Recognise & identify individual Tigers
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Now there is a machine learning app to Recognise & identify individual Tigers

[This article now has appeared in the Times of India – Sunday Times Edition and marked as the “Sunday Best” article and here is the link]

When there is so much progress in machine learning techniques and models to Recognise & identify individual Tigers using face recognition, why not implement the same for our Tigers too?This was the premise that got me started. While this was not the first instance we had used machine learning as we had used a classification model to determine when the black panther will be sighted and we found very encouraging results and here are the findings which was published in a famous daily too.
I started with python obviously and wanted to create specific signatures for each tiger and started training the model with a specific tiger so that the model can recognise not just a tiger face but actually the tiger I had trained for and reject all other tiger faces.
I started with Maya, the famous and the dominant tigress from Tadoba, a very popular Tiger Reserve in the state of Maharastra and around 100 kms from the city of Nagpur and also happens to be my favourite jungle too.

Tigress Maya

After several weeks of tweaking the model was able to come up with perfect recognition and below pics show the result

Tiger Face Recognition

The result was very encouraging and almost no false positives and extremely low false negatives.

Tiger Recognisation
Next Steps:   
Want to make the whole model completely automatic so that anyone can use this app to recognise tigers and also will be generating such signatures for all the tigers that we have identified in India (which is all the tigers from the tourism zone). Also work with the forest department and tiger conservation groups hopefully and generate such signature files for every tiger that’s been found in the jungles via camera trap.
Hope this progress can help conserve the majestic tiger but also identify and generate a signature file for each of the 4000 tigers that we have today in our Indian jungles.


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