Safari In Kabini Before Pandemic And During Pandemic
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Safari In Kabini Before Pandemic And During Pandemic

Jungle Safari During Pandemic

The first visit to Kabini was sometime in February 2020, back when everything seemed to be normal. Being a wildlife lover, I have explored national parks all around the country and wish to continue the adventure once things get back to normal.

Wildlife sightings involve a lot of luck; however, the dependency of luck can be eliminated by planning it right. I came across Wild Trails Recent Sightings through Word of Mouth from my photography buddies. It was Mohammed Mujahid from WildTrails who helped me book the safari in Kabini, both the times. Mujahid was cooperative, took the next step, making my job easier in booking the trip.

Kabini trip was a 2-day adventure that involved 2 jeep safari drives. It was indeed an excellent stay at Kabini River Lodge, though it was for only one night. The room, the food, the safari, the ambiance, the staff, and everything I came across there exceeded my expectations. The staff was very attentive and incredibly happy to serve.

The safari they arranged in the evening was an excellent experience. I genuinely loved it. Another family was with me in the safari vehicle. We were extremely lucky as we got to see tigers, leopards, wild dogs, elephants, mongoose, Gaurs, etc in our proximity. The next day when we requested the manager to provide the same driver, he was kind enough to offer us the same vehicle with the same driver. This shows the cordial attitude of the staff.

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Frankly speaking, the highlight of our safari was the driver. Mr. Sadiq, whose intelligence helped us sighting a leopard in the first safari drive. It was his smartness and driving expertise that helped us in spotting many animals and birds during our safari.

The second visit to Kabini was sometime in early 2021( Best Time To visit Kabini), however, the sightings during my first trip were the best. Based on my safari experience, I can say that the wildlife sightings do involve luck, however, thanks to WildTrails, I could spot tigers during my second visit.

Being one of the best safari adventures to Kabini, I would like to explore more than before once the situation is back to normal. A suggestion to the forest officials as a tourist – it would be helpful for the tourists to set up a restroom at least near the entrance. It might seem a little tedious task to set up one, however, it would be of great help for most of the tourists and much need in this new normal era

It was truly a pleasure staying and wandering around the place full of greenery. I rarely write reviews. I was thrilled to write one because of the amazing experience in safari and stay at the resort. Thank you so much Wild Trails, and everyone I met and interacted at the Kabini River Lodge.

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