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Tadoba Cuboda, the place to visit in 2018

tadoba cuboda

In the year 2018 Tadoba Cuboda is going to rock for sure and is the place to visit if you like to sight tiger cubs – it will the Tadoba “Cub”oda for 2018 for sure (tadoba cubs) and read in detail on why I say that. [BTW when I say Tadoba, I am referring to Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve & National Park which is located in the State of Maharastra, approx. 100 kms from Nagpur]

Tadoba Cuboda (Tadoba Cubs)

“Cub”oda is a new term I created as I had no other words how I could describe Tadoba for 2018. It’s going to rock with cubs cubs and cubs everywhere!! No other sanctuary in India has this many cubs in the tourism zone as Tadoba [please note that as per Supreme Court order only 20% of the forest is allowed for tourism and remaining 80% for the p…….] and if you ask me which tiger reserve to visit for 2018, just blindly choose Tadoba.

[Also forest dept. has done a commendable job in altering the price of the safari in such a way that “grey-marketing” might not happen and should be easy to get tickets even in the last minute (due to the introduction of Tatkal). Overall it might seem to be slightly more expensive but the comfort of getting the tickets at the fair market price is always a nice thing and also the comfort of getting just in time if you need is also another good feature of this new system!!]

Here are the Tadba Cuboda Cubs

  • Madhuri & 4 cubs
  • Sharmili & 3 cubs
  • Maya & 2 cubs
  • Sonam & 4 cubs
  • Lara is pregnant 🙂 
  • Choti tara and 2 cubs
  • & I hear Devada and Cubs too

You do the math 🙂

Tadoba Cuboda’s Catch

But there is a catch. All these tigress and cubs are not in one zone and hence proper planning has to be done to mix & match the zones to maximize the cub’s sightings

Further Info:

If you need further info on Tadoba do install WildTrails App (available on Android & iOS). You can find all possible details over there. If you want to book a package for Tadoba, you can do so on the App. Any questions you might have, please do WhatsApp us @ +919901175444. If you need a specific “Tadoba Cubs Package” please do write to us at tadoba@wildtrails.in and ask for it.

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