Top Luxury Resorts To Stay In Bandhavgarh At 2021
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Top Luxury Resorts To Stay In Bandhavgarh In 2021

Resorts to stay in Bandhavgarh

About Bandhavgarh National Park

The chain of mountains in the Vindhya range has something to offer other than the landscape. Head over to Bandhavgarh National Park for one of the best wildlife adventures in Madhya Pradesh. Located in Umaria district in Madhya Pradesh, the National Park was established in 1968. Since then, it has now become one of the preferred national parks for Tiger safari. You can find a lot of accommodations near every gate, however, the number of reliable properties are limited. We help you list out the top luxury resorts to stay in Bandhavgarh for 2021.

The name ‘bandhav-garh’ translates to brother’s fort. As per the Hindu mythology, it is believed that Lord Rama gifted the fort to his brother Laxmana on his return from victory over Lanka. Hence, the park exhibits a 2000-year-old rich historical past with the remains of ancient caves and historical monuments.

Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the 4 national parks in central India where the tourists explore for the best sightings. The core area of the safari is over 716 square kilometres. Hence there are a lot of properties to look out for, around the forest reserve. At Wildtrails, you get to choose the best property, whose quality of services are verified on a regular basis. You get the most competitive prices in the market on the properties at


Flora and Fauna:

Sal, Dhaora, Tendu, Amla, Palas, Salai, Mango. Jamun, Kadam, Khajur, Bamboo, Boswelia are the popular trees you can see in Bandhavgarh National Park. There are a lot of bushes and grasses that serve as food for the herbivores in the jungle.

White tiger and Royal Bengal tiger are the major attraction and to look out for while on the adventure. Leopards, Sambar, Barking Deer, Nilgai, Wild Boar, Gaur, Chausingha and Chinkara, the Asiatic jackal, Bengal fox, sloth bear, ratel, grey mongoose, striped hyena and jungle cat are other wildlife mammals you can find while in the jungle. Reptiles like cobra, krait, viper, ratsnake, python, turtle and a number of lizard varieties, including varanus are found in the forest.

There are a variety of birds across the forest and the popular ones are Grey Hornbill, Common Teals, Red Jungle Fowl, and White Breasted Kingfisher.

Flora And Fauna At Bandhavgarh National Park


Types Of Accommodations –

We at WildTrails have 3 types of accommodations in Bandhavgarh Wildlife Reserve.

  • Budget
  • Mid-range
  • Luxury

The package cost varies depending on the type of accommodation you choose for the trip. However, at Wildtrails, we list out only the trusted accommodations in our portal, checking their quality of services on a scheduled basis. Check out the best deals on the stays at


Luxury Accommodation in Bandhavgarh-

There are 3 core zones and 3 buffer zones in the jungle. The properties are located and can be preferred based on the zone you wish to explore. WildlTrails hack – Choose the zone/gate to explore first and then choose the corresponding property. 

Here are the best luxury type accommodations to look out for your next holiday-


Syna Tiger Resort:

Located in the heart of the jungle, Syna Tiger comes up with luxury wildlife cottages. The resort is just 200 metres from the core safari gate. The architecture is blended with rural artworks, statues and hints of tribal culture

Best resorts to stay in bandhavgarh


Tree House Hideaway : 

Property of Pugdundee, Tree House Hideway does justice to the name. The five tree houses provide a hide away of fantasies. The property is spread across 21 acres of land and has the top level privacy for the tourists with the best view of nature

Places To Stay At Bandhavgarh


Mahua Kothi – By Taj : 

Mahua is the name of a tree that is prized and revered in Bandhavgarh. Property of Taj, and the brand name says it all about the luxury level offered by the property. The 45 acre private forest has a lot to offer than just the accommodation. The mud cottages are the major highlight, and to portray the local architecture. Mahua trees around the cottage provide the perfect shade and right breeze while you stay at the property.

Accommodations In Bandhavagarh


Mogli Jungle Resort:

Mogli Jungle Resort is located just 2 kilometres from the forest gate. The 16 acre property is filled with lush green forest on the banks of river Charanganga. They have the most charming cottages equipped with all the modern amenities. The library is a major highlight where you can browse through the unique wildlife books. Further, a walk through the property post safari is indeed a bliss.

Get Your Customized Bandhavgarh Package

Best Resorts To Stay At Bandhavgarh


Aranyak Resort :

Aranyak means forest and the 10-acre land captures the spirit of the forest. The suites at Aranyak Resort are designed to reflect the rustic feel of a rural village. The highlight of the property is that each cottage is designed with a unique theme. Swimming pool, meditation and Yoga room, Amphitheatre are included along with modern amenities. The resort is designed in such a way that you wake up in the morning with the picturesque view of fog covered Vindhya Mountain Range from your window.

Places to stay at Bandhavgarh


Why Is Booking A Package Better Than Just Safaris?

The properties and resorts listed out on our portal are located closer to the zones. It is of high importance that the accommodations chosen to stay needs to be closer to the zones. The fact that there are a lot of properties near the zones that offer safari trips, the number of reliable operators is limited.

Choosing the right safari zone first along with the nearest accommodation and accommodating an Expert Tracker is 90% of getting Great Sightings. We are here to design this for you to get the best wildlife expedition.


6 reasons to book your tour with WildTrails?

  • Hassle free booking experience.
  • Support assistance from the experts.
  • No commission or markup, best price in the market.
  • Expert Tiger Tracker for your safari.
  • Sighting data (Exclusively from WildTrails) for effective planning of your wildlife venture.



At WildTrails-

  • No middlemen involved.
  • No extra commission.
  • Best deals and most competitive prices.
  • Connect directly with the properties through us.

You are now familiar with the top luxury resorts to look out for if you plan to explore the forest in 2021. The next step is booking your adventure. We, at WildTrails take care of your complete vacation, from transfer, accommodation, safari, meals to make it hassle-free. Head over to to book your wildlife holiday.

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