What are the options for a Kabini Jungle Safari?
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What are the options for a Kabini Jungle Safari?

Kabini Jungle Safari is something everyone want to do because of the amazing sightings one gets there be it tigers or leopards or elephants or a black panther or all types of deer or a gaur (Indian bison) or a pack of wild dogs and many such mammals and variety of birds, be it crested hawk eagle or a crested serpent eagle or a drongo or peacocks and many many such birds – as they say Kabini Never Disappoints!!


Yes Kabini Jungle never disappoints you but the rates of the resorts attached to Kabini will disappoint most if not all. Yes kabini safaris are expensive.

Kabini jungle Safari is attached to the stay in all but one case (there is a way to do safari without a stay and I will explain soon) and yes there are two points (locations) where safari happens and it is confusing. What is the right one for you, what are the differences and where and how it all happens?

I will demystify all of it in this blog and help you select the right one for you.

Kabini Jungle Safari – what are my options?

Below mentioned are the options you have for a Safari at Kabini, Please note that in each case either the kind of safari changes or the duration of the safari changes and/or mode of the safari changes. Please read carefully and select the option that suits you best.

1. Stay cum Open Jeep Safari Option:

Jeep safari at Kabini
Jeep safari at Kabini
    1. Costs starts from Rs. 10,000 up to Rs.14,000 per person per night (based on double occupancy) (kids 5 to 12 are charged 50%)  includes meals, snacks, stay, taxes and 2 safaris
    2. Safari duration approx. 3 to 3.5 hrs
    3. You are entitled to 2 safaris per night stay and generally one Safari is in the jeep and the other is in the Boat or a Mini-Bus but can be jeep also.
    4. Safari starts from this resort
    5. Safari is part of the package
    6. Safari is confirmed  – no need to call anyone or cross check with anyone
    7. Classical (no Ac – no Tv) resort, huge rooms and in a huge estate on the banks of the river Kapila
    8. If wildlife photography is your passion, just pick this – the only option for you
    9. WildTrails Recommended one**

2. Stay cum Mini-Bus/Boat Safari Option:

  1. Costs start from Rs 12,000 up to Rs.24,000 per person per night (based on double occupancy) (kids 5 to 12 are charged 50%)  includes meals, snacks, stay, taxes.  
  2. There are 5 resorts which are associated with this Plan. Only those 5 can do this and no other resort.
  3. Safari is extra (Rs.1800 to Rs.2500 per person per safari – depending on which of the 5 resorts you are staying with)
  4. Safari duration approx. 3 to 3.5 hrs.
  5. You are entitled up to 2 safaris per night stay – either both are 26-seater mini-bus or one is mini-bus and other is boat.
  6. Stay is Luxury to super luxury (equivalent to 5-star) and are next to forest and on the banks of the river.
  7. Safari is NOT guaranteed – there is a limit of number of people that can go to safari from these resorts and if the resort if full, chances are that you might get just one of the two safaris or none (safaris are first come first serve or I say first-checkin-first-serve and they generally don’t take phone reservations)
  8. Safari start point is approx. 3 to 5 kms depending upon on which resort it is but the resort will arrange pick up and drop

The Canter / Mini-Bus:

Canter safari in Kabini
Canter safari in Kabini

Planning a trip? Book it or not, Get your instant quote in 2min:

3. Stay cum Mini-bus (shorter) Safari Option: 

    1. Costs starts from Rs 7,000 per person per night to Rs. 15,000 (based on double occupancy) (kids 5 to 12 are charged 50%) includes meals, snacks, stay, & taxes.
    2. You are entitled up to 2 safaris per night stay
    3. Safari duration is approx. 1.5 hrs.
    4. Safari is always via Canter (mini-bus 26-seater)
    5. Safari charges are extra (Rs500 per person per safari) (based on Availability)
    6. Safari is NOT guaranteed as the resort has a limit on number of people it can send and hence if the resort is full to the capacity, chances are that a few only will get the opportunity but it will be first come first serve (safaris are first come first serve or I say first-checkin-first-serve and they generally don’t take phone reservations)
    7. Safari start point is approx. 7 kms from the resort, and the resort will arrange pick up and drop
    8. Stay is Luxury (equivalent to 5-star) and on the banks of the river.


If you want to do just the Kabini jungle Safari with no stay,

  1. Please download WildTrails India app and
  2. Look for Kabini under Safari details, and
  3. Look for Damannakatte Safari detail under it and it has all the details.
  4. You need to MUST follow that process.

Basically you need to buy tickets in the morning for the evening safari and evening for the morning safari. It is via 26-seater mini bus and there is only one bus. Lot of terms and conditions are there and also the I have put the exact location where to go to. Please do consult the App.

or read the detailed blog here on how to book Kabini safari without stay: https://wildtrails.in/how-to-plan-a-kabini-trip-tips-tricks/

Kabini Tiger Sighting Index

You can check the current tiger sighting of Kabini here. The recent tiger sightings data is on the basis of weekly, monthly and yearly as well. You can compare the sightings before any trip to Kabini.

Further Info:

For any booking enquiries drop an email at bookings@wildtrails.co or if you dont want to wait for our reply, get the instant 2min quote by clicking:


  1. Please be a responsible wildlife tourist;
  2. No littering, No sounds, No feeding, no getting down from the safari jeep (when on safari), No phone calls.
  3. Remember that we are visiting their home and when we are there, let’s follow their rules.

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