Bandhavgarh national park, stories, facts and much more!
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Bandhavgarh National Park, Stories, Facts and Much more!

Bandhavgarh National Park Stories

Bandhavgarh  National Park now has become one of the preferred parks for jungle Safari/game drive in India . Bandhavgarh tiger safari is one of the best and well organized.  The park is also known to have the World’s highest density of Royal Bengal Tigers.


Bandhavgarh national park accommodates more than two hundred species of birds, 80 species of butterflies, 37 species of mammals & other reptiles. Bandhavgarh National park & Tiger reserve has  got worldwide recognition for its abundant tiger sightings. 


Bandhavgarh national park has one of the highest density of wild tigers. This is one of the lesser known facts that wild tigers are living in much smaller territories, as compared to the other national parks in India.. A female tiger’s territory varies from 10 -20 sq. km, whereas for males it varies from anywhere between 20 – 50 sq. km. As per tiger census there are approx  70 – 75 tigers roaming around the 1536 sq. km area which includes both core (716 sq. km) & buffer (820 sq. km).



Bandhavgarh Tigers


Above images Contributed by – Ashish Tirkey, Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavgarh


Introducing Some Of The Famous  Tigers  In Bandhavgarh. 

Spotty: Spotty was born in 2012 at the Magadhi zone

Dotty: Dotty was born in 2012 at the Magadhi zone 

Kajri: Kajri or Bachchi was born in 2016

Solo: Solo was born in 2011 to the legendary female Rajbehra and Jobhi male 

Chota Bheem: Chota Bheem was born in 2017 to Choti Mahaman and Bheem, the largest male tiger of Bandhavgarh. Like father, like son.

In our next blog we will share more stories about chota bheem, solo, kajri, spotty, dotty and many more. Yes, Bandhavgarh is often called The Land of Tigers and there are reasons behind it! 

The Best Resorts to Stay In Bandhavgarh in 2021

These beautiful and meaningful lines below are written by Jai Thakore


With stories of survival in my eyes & scars to remind me of my war to survive, I walk with pride. My strength always comes from lifting my spirits up whenever someone tries putting me down. I will survive because the jungle needs me, you too need me, even if it is to satisfy the voyeurist in you. 


But will you survive, is a question, I ask? For your own survival, don’t fake, first make yourself desirable to us before you celebrate us  or any of us. 


Jai Thakore

Co-Founder & Director at Skywaltz Balloon Safari.

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