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Jim Corbett Safari Entry Gates and Different Kind Of Zones

Gates and Zones at Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett is located around 1300 – 4000 feet from the sea level in the state of Uttarakhand. The state which is considered ‘Simply heaven’ with the holy places like Kedarnath and Badrinath along with more than 400 high altitude mountains to trek like Kedarnath, Naina and many more. Jim Corbett National Park is one of the oldest national parks in the country and is the only forest reserve where the resorts are located within the jungle.

The forest is most known for spotting the royal Bengal Tiger. There are over 500 different species of flora and fauna that can be found throughout the area. Common sightings are Langurs, sloth bears, Asiatic black bears, mongooses, jungle cats, elephants, boars, deer, barking deer, and antelope. Reptiles and amphibians include a lot of snakes and species of crocodiles.


Safari zones in Jim Corbett Forest Reserve

There are 6 major zones in Jim Corbett Tiger reserve where the tiger sighting is maximum. 3 of these zones are considered as core zones while the rest are considered as buffer.

The core zones-

Dhikala zone:

Dhikala zone is a perfect example of unscarred natural beauty. It is the largest among the other zones in Corbett Tiger Reserve. The tiger sightings are seen maximum in this zone based on our sighting data. Major fact to be noted here is jeep safari is available only if the accommodations are booked from the forest resorts.

Dhela zone:

Dhela zone has over 46 kilometres of jungle path where you can see a variety of wildlife species. There are gypsy safari options in the zone and are open throughout the year. The zone is spread through 1173 hectares of flora. Based on our sighting data, Delha zone had the second highest tiger sightings last year.

Bijrani zone:

The zone with a reasonably good amount of tiger sightings based on our sighting data, Bijrani zone has a good number of resorts. It is located just 1 kilometre from Ramnagar city. Safari options available here are jeep and elephant. It is recommended to book your safari at least 45 days in advance. Spot bookings are available here but the chances of getting one is incredibly low. The spot booking is based on first come first serve basis.

Elephant safari at Jim Corbett

The Buffer Zones-

Jhirna zone:

Jhirna zone is named after the village where it is located, Jhirna that is 24 kilometres away from Ramnagar. The zone was framed by extending the forest area towards the farmlands in the village in 1994. Popular wildlife sightings here include Tigers and sloth bears.

Durga Devi zone:

The hilly terrain in the lush green forest gives the zone the magnificent beauty of the Wildlife reserve. Durga Devi zone of Jim Corbett is in the north west part of the reserve. The zone is located about 28 kilometers from Ramnagar city and has the option of jeep safari. The fact about the Durga Devi zone is it has the highest number of elephant sightings compared to other zones.

Sitabani Zone:

Sitabani zone is the newest zone added to Jim Corbett forest reserve. The zone is not a part of Corbett Tiger reserve, it is popular for birdwatching.

Know when is the Best Time To Visit Jim Corbett National Park

Distance Between The Zones:

  • Dhela zone to Jhirna zone – 13 km
  • Dhela zone to Durgadevi Gate – 42 km
  • Dhela zone to Sitabani Zone – 40 km
  • Bijrani zone to Jhirna zone – 18 km
  • Bijrani zone to Durgadevi Gate – 36 km
  • Bijrani zone to Sitabani Zone – 35 km
  • Jhirna zone to Durgadevi Gate – 60 km
  • Durgadevi zone to Sitabani Zone – 52 km

Gates At Jim Corbett National Park

There are 4 gates to enter Jim Corbett National Park-

Dhangadi gate:

Dhangadi gate is the entry point to Dhikala zone and is around 19 kilometres from the nearest city of Ramnagar. The gate is open from 15th of November to 15th June every year.

Amdada Gate:

Amdada gate is located just 1 kilometre from Ramanagar and is the entry gate to Bijrani zone. The gate is open from 1st of October till the end of June every year.

Jhirna Gate:

Jhirna gate is the entry gate to Jhirna zone. Located 20 kilometres from Ramnagar city, Jhirna gate is the only gate that is open throughout the year.

Durga Devi Gate:

Durga devi gate is open from 1st of October till the end of June every year. The gate is entry point to the Durga devi zone of Jim Corbett Forest Reserve.

Safari Gates At Jim Corbett

How WildTrails play a major role in selecting safari zones for better sighting of wildlife?

There are multiple zones, and the wildlife sightings varies from time to time depending on the various parameters. Covering all the zones in a 3–4-hour drive is impossible. This is when we, at WildTrails, pitch in. We make use of the metrics called sighting data that we get from the naturalists in the forest. We implement the deadly combination of data science and AI to predict the sightings and are the first in the country to do so. With this emerging technology, we have achieved about 90% of the sightings to our customers, while the remaining 10% is left to the luck factor. We forecast the data with the information we have, and the forecasts have been more than 90% accurate that have helped a lot of our customers making their safari a memorable holiday.

How To Get Customised Jim Corbett National Park

Why choose WildTrails for Ranthambore safari booking-

Right safari zone and accommodation:

Jim Corbett National Park has 6 zones. Exploring all of them would end up worthless and waste of time and money. Hence, choosing the right zone for great sightings matters. Making use of data science and AI, we at WildTrails help you to get the data of wildlife more accurately. Moreover, you get the right accommodation corresponding to the zone for safari.

Expert Tiger Tracker:

It is good to accompany someone who knows the whereabouts of the jungle for the safari. Being in the forest for years, the expert tiger trackers are the ones who know in and out of the jungle. At WildTrails, we have come across regular wildlife enthusiasts who had earlier missed the sighting by a whisker. Hence, you have the privilege of having an expert tiger tracker if you book the safari with WildTrails.

Hassle free booking:

Rely on the experts who can guide you the best possible way to choose the best itinerary for the holiday. The experts help booking the right zone and accommodation to choose the right railway station /airport to land at, recommending the best time of the year.

6-reasons to book your next safari with WildTrails-

  • Hassle free booking experience.
  • Support assistance from the experts.
  • Expert Tiger Tracker for your safari.
  • Sightings data (Exclusively from Wildtrails) for effective planning of your wildlife venture.
  • We take care of your complete vacation, from transfer, accommodation, safari, meals to make it stress-free.
  • 16-hour chat support.



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