Jim Corbett Safari Packages From Delhi
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Jim Corbett Safari Packages From Delhi

Jim Corbett Safari Packages From Delhi

The infamous Bollywood movie Kaal showed us that there is much beyond adventure in Jim Corbett National Park. Uttarkhand has got a lot to offer travelers around the country and the world. For people in Delhi, it is a convenient drive-through road and a feasible journey by bus or rail. Scheduling a safari in Jim Corbett is indeed a tedious job. We, at WildTrails, help you make choose the best safari package in Jim Corbett, particularly from people in Delhi


Facts About Jim Corbett National Park

  • Jim Corbett is the oldest established Forest Reserve in India. The Wildlife Sanctuary got its fame as early as 1936.
  • Jim Corbett Tiger is one of the highest national parks in the country.
  • Jim Corbett stands out from all other national parks in India in having the accommodations within the forest reserve.


Flora and Fauna Of Jim Corbett National Park

Close to 500 different species of flora species have been scattered over Jim Corbett. Sal, Khair, and Sissoo are the commonly sighted trees here at Jim Corbett. More than 500 different species of flora and fauna can be found throughout the area. Commonly seen are Langurs, sloth bears, Asiatic black bears, Indian grey mongooses, jungle cats, elephants, wild boars, spotted deer, barking deer, and Indian antelope. Reptiles and amphibians include different types of snakes (including cobras and pythons) and species of crocodiles (notably gavials and muggers).

Bird watching is one not to be missed here as the park receives many species of migratory birds.

Flora and Fauna Of Jim Corbett


How to reach Jim Corbett from Delhi?

There is an excellent network of roads from Delhi to reach Jim Corbett National Park. A 5-minute drive on NH9 is what you need to do to reach Jim Corbett.

There are trains on daily basis to Ramnagar from Delhi. Jim Corbett National Park is less than 2 km from Ramnagar Railway station.


Zones and Gates Of Jim Corbett

The 6 major zones in Jim Corbett are-

  • Core zones
  • Dhikala zone
  • Bijrani zone
  • Dhela zone
  • Buffer zones
  • Jhirna zone
  • Durga Devi zone
  • Sitabani zone

Best Zones And Gates At Jim Corbett National Park

Safari Zones Of jim Corbett


Safari in Jim Corbett National Park

Safari in Jim Corbett is indeed worth a try, particularly for first-time wildlife explorers. The major advantage here is that the forest reserve is smaller compared to other forest reserves. Hence, better chances of sightings. However, a proper plan and schedule would surely make me worthy. Moreover, travelers from Delhi can have the experience of a lifetime visiting Jim Corbett.


Types of safaris At Jim Corbett:


Canter Safari :

The Canter safari option is the most economical option to explore Jim Corbett National Park. It is also recommended if your group size is big enough. A single canter can accommodate up to 20 tourists. The canter safari is scheduled for twice a day. The morning drive is from 6 AM to 10 AM and the evening drive is from 2 PM to 6 PM.

Know When Is The Best Season To Visit Jim Corbett


Jeep Safari :

A 3-hour ride through the woods in an open-air gypsy is the best choice to find the maximum sightings in Jim Corbett National Park. 2 safari drives are scheduled per day. The morning safari is scheduled at 6 AM and the evening drive is scheduled at 3 PM. Moreover, you will be assigned an expert tiger tracker if you wish to prefer a jeep safari. They track the wildcat by unique strategies which include analyzing pugmarks that require high-level experience being in the forest. Hence, you have a lot better chances of sightings.


Elephant Safari :

Jim Corbett National Park provides this option of wandering the woods sitting on the back of an elephant. It is one of the hygienic ways to explore wildlife. An elephant can get into places that a canter or jeep might not get into. The flip part of elephant safari is that it lasts only for 1-1.5 minutes. Nevertheless, the 60–90-minute ride is worth exploring every moment.

Tips to Book Wildlife Safari in Jim Corbett National Park

Safaris At Jim Corbett national Park


Booking your next safari at Jim Corbett is just a few steps-

Step 1Head over to https://packages.wildtrails.in/

Step 2:  Select Park Name as Jim Corbett National Park. Fill in the Check-in and Check-out dates along with your group size.

Jim Corbett Packages

Step 3: Choose the type of accommodation. It can be anything as per your budget. Click on ‘Details’.

Packages for Jim Corbett

Step 4: Select the number of safaris drives and the type of safari you wish to choose.

Best Packages For Jim Corbett

Step 5: Select add-on options if you wish to have them to your itinerary. Click on Send Enquiry.

Jim corbett tour packages

Step 6: Fill out the form-

Customised jim corbett packages

That’s it. Your job is done. Now sit back and relax until our experts reach out to you.


The right schedule and itinerary are all you need for a safari in Jim Corbett. Head over to our website to check out the best safari packages to Jim Corbett National Park from Delhi.

Plan your trip based on the sightings. At Wildtrails, we help plan your trip based on the sighting algorithm, a unique way to have the highest chances of sightings. For details on which zone and gate to choose for, head over to WildTrails Sighting Index


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