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Tiger Safaris with Children


Tiger safaris with children are not only possible but also must at least a few times before they grow up into adults. Ideally suited for kids about five years upwards, these wildlife vacations can be one of the most adventurous exciting family vacations you can hope for. Along with seeing tigers, you will also expose them to other wildlife, the whole concept of nature, environment, forests, and why they are critical for our ecosystem. Also, you will be kindling the adventure seeking nature of them when you actually search for a tiger following alarm calls, pug marks and in the process, they end up learning the complete life cycle of wildlife, survival of the fittest, how survival instincts work and lot more. All these are very critical habits to inculcate at a young age to have a successful life as an adult and a successful career tomorrow.


  1. First of all, it is extremely safe to take children with you on a safari and the people who manage the safaris are experts and they will not take you where danger exists. Don’t worry. Throw the inhibition out and get onto the safari
  2. No, it does not require experts to design a safari trip for you. You can do it easily. See the next section
  3. Seeing a Tiger in the Wild is something unparalleled in this world and it beats seeing Taj in Agra for sure and spotting one with your children is something that goes way beyond words.
  4. Our tiger is highly endangered, and our children are the future conservationists. We need to educate them about the issues, about how tigers are the prime predators, affecting them affects everything that lies beneath them in this ecosystem and, if they are destroyed, the impact of the loss is huge. If we can successfully get the next generation to understand these issues and if they end up acting upon this message,  we will have given them an experience that stretches way beyond the school studies, the school ground, or the schoolroom learnings.

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How to Plan a Wildlife Vacation?

The best way to plan is to find all nearby wildlife spots, look where sightings are happening and then choose the right one.

Just download “WildTrails Recent Sightings” app on Android & iOS and just at the tip of your fingers, all the info are ready there in no time. Find all nearby or popular ones, find out the sightings info also over there and then connect with right resort or the package which are listed in the App and you are done.


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Download WildTrails Recent Sightings App to know the exact location of the sanctuary, the exact location of all gates, exact timings and also a way to book the safari of your liking gate and of your liking session (morning or evening or both) and also a stay close to the gate you have chosen.

Further Info:

If you need further info on the app, contact us anytime via an email to info@wildtrails.in  or WhatsApp us @ +919901175444.

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Now you can Write Down & Organize all your Wildlife Sightings of your next Wildlife Safari!!

How Technology Enhances our Wildlife Experience


WildTrails Recent Sightings, why look before you book matters

WildTrails Recent Sightings App – “Look before you Book“. The Only “Wildlife Focused” company that uses recent sightings data to enhance your wildlife experience. A one-stop destination for all your wildlife travel needs.

PS: Please be a responsible wildlife tourist; No littering, No sounds, No feeding, no getting down from the safari jeep (when on safari), No phone calls. Remember that we are visiting their home and when we are there, let’s follow their rules.

[The WildTrails  App is the best way to get all the details about Indian wildlife sanctuaries (best travel times, safari details, animal sightings, forest accommodations pairing, wildlife-related activities, prices, etc). Learn more about WildTrails of India here. ios App is here. Android is here, and Web is on the way. Please do like us on our facebook page here.]

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