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Tips For First-Time Visitors To Sariska

Tips For First time visitors to sariska

Sariska National Park is one of the gems in the eastern part of Rajasthan. The territory of Rajasthan that is filled with lush-green forests and Sariska, being one of the 2 forest reserves that are most visited by the tourists. History says that the first tiger was successfully airlifted in the year 2004 from Ranthambore National park – another gem in the state. Since then, there are more than 20 tigers in the forest reserve.

The Blog Is For Those-

Who are planning to explore an Indian jungle for the first time.

Who had already had a safari drive before but found no wildlife sighting.

Who are stepping into Sariska National Park for the first time.


Why Sariska?

One of the best national parks for wildlife sightings – Sariska Forest Reserve has only 4 zones and the 3 zones are popular and has a better sighting index. We, at WildTrails do have a unique strategy of wildlife sighting known as sighting index. A naturalist along with you can help get the best chances of sighting.

Commutable from the major cities – Sariska is around a 4-hour drive from Delhi. Any resident of Delhi with the passion to explore the woods can easily commute here and can have a weekend to cherish with. Besides, it is just 100 km from Jaipur and residents of Jaipur do have a fair wildlife expedition.

Travel Guide To Sariska National Park


The Tips That Can Help Tourists Get The Best Sighting And Hence A Expedition To Remember-


Choosing the safari zone and gate-

Sariska Forest has 2 gates that are around 80 kilometers apart. Sariska gate and Telha gate. Sariska gate has 3 zones and most of the time, these zones have a better sighting as per the sighting data.

Pro-tip, get to know with an expert before choosing the safari zone. Sariska Safari Gates And Zones


Booking the stay-

There are a lot of properties that are around Sariska National Park. Few are near Sariska gate while few others can be found in Telha gate. Search engines show up a decent number of properties that provide the best comfort level. The factor to be noted here is to see how far the resort from the gate is. Safari can start as early as 6 AM if it is scheduled in the morning and it is not recommended to prefer accommodations that are far from the gates.

Pro-tip – Book the safari permits before booking the properties. Book the properties that are fairly near the gate.

The accommodations and safari drives from WildTrails are completely reliable since we have listed only the reliable properties. We perform regular checks on the quality services at the properties. Further, we have experts who guide you the right way before booking your trip. Mistakes To Avoid During Sariska Holiday 

Accomodations at Sariska


Number of safari-

A first time visit to the jungle has a lot of factors to be considered for and the number of safari drives is the most important here. A safari drive can last up to 4 hours and can be extremely tiring. More safari drives would only end up making you exhausted.

Pro-tip – 1-2 safari is recommended if you are in the woods for the first time. Try visiting the tribals and get to know their way of living in the jungle.

How to Get Customised Sariska Tour Packages

Safaris At Sariska


Essentials To Carry –

Summers are always humid, and winters are freezing here in Sariska. Pack your outfits based on the weather.

  • The morning safari drives during winters can be expected to be biting cold. Carrying jackets and caps are recommended.
  • Light Colored outfits are recommended while on safari.
  • You can expect rains in summer. To be on a safer side, carry rain-jackets.
  • Carrying sunscreen lotion is a must during summer.
  • Wear a hat during summer to beat the sunlight.
  • Never forget to carry a camera and a suitable lens for the expedition.

Pro-tip – Enquire with the resort or agent who helped booking your safari about the weather condition.


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  • Support assistance from the experts.
  • Expert Tiger Tracker for your safari.
  • Sighting data (Exclusively from WildTrails) for effective planning of your wildlife venture.
  • We take care of your complete vacation, from transfer, accommodation, safari, meals to make it stress-free.
  • 16-hour direct chat support.


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