Top 10 Resorts in Kabini | Best Resorts To Stay In Kabini
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Top 10 Resorts In Kabini

Top 10 Resorts of Kabini

About Kabini National Park

One state. Many worlds. The mountains in the Western ghats, the sands in the Karavali coast, the wildlife in Nilgiri Bioshpere, the jog falls, the state has a lot to offer for the tourists. Karnataka is a state with abundant options to explore. Kabini is one of the popular destinations to explore wildlife. There are a few resorts in and around Kabini offering stays that are beyond luxury. Hence, we have shortlisted the top 10.

Kabini is named after the river that flows through the forest reserve. Not many know that Kabini Wildlife Reserve is a part of Nagarhole Forest Reserve.


Flora and Fauna Of Kabini

The lush acres of greenery are more of moist deciduous forests. Abundance of Teak and Eucalyptus trees are seen in the Kabini Forests.


The wildlife in Kabini is a magnet to the wildlife photographers. Tigers and leopards are the paws to look out for. However, it is the majestic black panther that attracts every other wildlife enthusiast to visit time and again.

Other wildlife mammals include elephants, gaurs, spotted deers, sambar deers, dholes, monkeys and many more.

Flora and fauna of Kabini


Top 10 Resorts In Kabini


  • Red Earth Kabini

Red Earth comes up with a theme of responsible tourism. They believe everything they do on this planet leaves a footprint behind and to have a positive legacy on the planet with their simplest principles.

Red Earth offers mud cottages and a breath-taking ambience around its property to make sure you have the best stays while you are in Kabini.


  • Water woods Kabini

Water woods have the right combination of excellent accommodation with amazing spa services. They are a pioneer in the list of private lodges in Kabini, established in 1999.

The facilities here include swimming pool, library, dining deck, wellness and spa, bonfire dinner, Vanya-the gift shop, recreation room to have a pleasant stay at the resort.


  • Evolve Back

Evolve back has created the most intimate impressions in Kabini, adding an extra dimension for luxury. They have adapted to the hadis or tribal villages architecture with a sweeping panoramic view, bordered by Kabini river on both of its sides.

When it comes to accommodations, their uniqueness lies in providing pool sided huts, safari view huts and pool reserved huts.

They have quite mind-blowing amenity services within their property. Infinity pool for gazing at the sunset, family pool to laze in, reading lounge and ayurvedic spa to make sure that it is more than just a stay at Evolve back.


Top best resorts in Kabini


  • Kabini tourism lodges

Jungle Lodges and Resorts are organized and maintained by Karnataka Tourism Board. They come up with a package of stay and safari (jeep safari) with 3 type of accommodations – Cottage, tent and room accommodation options within their properties.

Kabini tourism lodges are the ones to check out for if you wish to plan for a jeep safari in Kabini Forest Reserve.


  • Kabini Lake View

Located in the tranquil backwaters, Kabini Lake View presents an ideal setting for a long-awaited vacation.

There are a lot of activities and amenities seen around the property. Few of them include coracle ride, campfire, nature walk, and many more. Kabini Lake View Resort is indeed a place to head out for if you wish to have a vibe with nature.


  • Regenta Kabini Springs resort by Royal Orchids

Regenta property is a franchise of the popular resort chain Royal Orchids. Royal Orchids is India’a fastest growing hospitality brand. They have courtyard rooms, riverfront rooms and river view suites as their accommodation categories. They have a royal swimming pool to ease your mind and body within their property. Besides there are other indoor sports activities and children’s play area in their property so make your stay pleasant.


Top 10 resorts in Kabini


  • Hotel Indriya

The hotel is located in Wayanad, around 40 kilometres from Kabini . The pricing is on a reasonable end with decent accommodation types. The rooms are reasonably sized and have well maintained hygiene.


  • The Woods Resorts

The Woods is located 22 kilometres from Kabini, has a great amenity within the property. The amenities include gym, indoor games, spa, and gym to make a pleasurable stay.


  • Sterling Wayanad

The best hospitality is expected here with the best welcome and fast networking. Sterling Wayanad is just 26 kilometres from Kabini.


  • Kaav Safari Lodge Kabini

A luxury safari lodge steeped in the indulgent solitude of Kabini’s forest. Ensconced in the care of our luxury resort, nature and its myriad facets beckon you into the thriving jungle.

Key Tips For First Time Kabini Visitors

Best resorts to stay in Kabini


Frequently Asked Questions about Kabini-


What is it about Kabini that makes it special?

Kabini Forest Reserve is a host to one of the largest congregations of Asiatic elephants and is home to the famous Black Panther. The presence of the Kabini backwaters, a large seasonal lake, adds an extra dimension to the destination. Kabini is the perfect place for a holiday in the wild.


How to reach Kabini?

Kabini is extremely well connected and is just a flight away. The nearest airports are Bangalore, Mysore and Kozhikode (Calicut). Kabini is also easily accessible by road from these airports. The distances are as follows:

Bangalore Airport to Kabini – 273 km

Mysore Airport to Kabini – 90 km

Kozhikode Airport to Kabini – 180 km


When is a good time to visit Kabini?

The best time to visit Kabini is anytime between October to June. July to September is the monsoon season and it is not recommended to visit Kabini. However, the Forest Reserve shall be open throughout the year unless there exist any natural calamities like floods or forest fire.


What are the different safari options available in Kabini?

There are 3 types of safaris drives in Kabini Forest Reserve. Jeep safari, canter safari and boat safari.


What are the popular wildlife sightings in Kabini Forest Reserve?

Tigers, leopards, and black panther are the wildlife sightings that every wildlife expects to sight here in Kabini. Besides, there are other wildlife mammals including elephants, gaurs, spotted deers, sambar deers, dholes, monkeys.


Reasons to book your holiday with WildTrails

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Safari in Kabini is indeed a lifetime to remember, and we highly recommend you book it right by connecting to our experts. We have now made your job easy by shortlisting the top 10 resorts in Kabini.



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