Best Tiger Sighting Zones in Pench National Park Madhya Pradesh
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Best Tiger Sighting zones in Pench National Park

Pench Tger sighting zones

The beautiful jungle of Pench National Park is situated in the Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh. The inspiration for the beautiful story of Mowgli for “The Jungle Book” is derived from Pench Nation Park. A jungle that everyone wants to visit in search of the real Sher Khan but before visiting this jungle don’t you want to know the tiger sighting zones in Pench? Research is one of the most important things before planning any wildlife holidays and to know the Tiger Sighting zones will help you to plan a better wildlife trip.

The biggest attraction of Pench is of course, are Tigers and Leopards that can be seen very often in this park. There are approx 50+ Tigers, 40+ Leopards in Pench.

Tiger sighting Pench

T-15, also famously known as Collarwali is one of the famous tigresses in Pench. In the last 15 years, Collarwali has given birth to 30 cubs, which is a record for the reserve in MP. Other famous tigers of Pench National Park are Langdi, Patdev, and Baras.

Besides Tigers and Leopards, you can also spot Sloth Bears, Wild Dogs, Wolf, Golden Jackal, Indian Giant Squirrels, and Jungle cats. 

There is also Natural trail birding watching where you can spot a variety of birds. Hornbills and Peafowl are common birds found here. You can also easily spot Ducks here. 

  • The zones fall under Madhya Pradesh are Touria Zone, Karmajhiri Zone, Rukhad Zone, Jamtara Zone, Telia Zone. (Close on Tuesday evening)
  • The entry for Jamtara happens from the Karmajhiri zone.
  • Zones falling under Maharashtra are Khursapar Zone, Sillari Zone. (Closed on Wed)

The Tiger Sighting Zones in Pench

Touria Zone – This zone is considered as the premium zone, this forest is a part of Madhya Pradesh Pench. The park remains closed on Wednesday evenings. 

The forest has many water bodies i.e. Baghinnala, Ber Van Talab, Bhondewali, Dobri, Malkundam, Bijamatta, Jinewani&MahadeoGhat on the banks of Pench River. Touria is the most prominent zone for Tiger sightings in Pench. There are numerous water bodies near this zone and so the chances of tiger sightings are also very high.

D.O.P 8/10/19

Tigers of Pench National Park are known by names of these places & according to the territory they belong to. Queen of Pench, Collarwali(Supermom), resides in this zone and have been nominated to the “Guinness Book” of world records.

Khursapar – This zone comes under the Maharashtra side of Pench forest and also considered as on the zones for tiger sightings. There are three beautiful water bodies inside this zone, which attracts a lot of birds as well as wildlife. Forest is closed every Tuesday. 

Karmajhiri –  This gate is also considered as a premium entry gate and also shares the partial area of the Touria zone. Karmazhiri also shares the water bodies. Bodanala, Sitaghat on the banks of Pench river, JhandiMatta.

Sillari – The unique part about this forest is that the entries are open throughout the year even in monsoon season. Sillari forest is a part of the Maharashtra Pench reserve.


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Tiger sightings Pench

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