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Tadoba Tigers and their Respective Numbers

tadoba tigers maya

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you must have heard about “Jewel of Vidharbha” the Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra. Among the Tiger reserves in India, the Tadoba–Andhari reserve boasts of a booming population of tigers. The Reserve contains some of the best forest tracks and endowed with rich biodiversity. It is famous for its natural heritage and its tigers, Tadoba Tigers.

Even though most of the tigers have expired anonymously, some are known as the finest examples of the feline family. The famous documentary of Telia Sisters of Tadoba is one of the set example. Tadoba is a mesmerizing place where people don’t say they saw a Tiger but its a place where they say – I have seen Maya, I saw Sonam, Choti Tara and her Cubs crossed my road !!
** Tadoba today has probably the highest Sighting Rating Index [SRI] for the Tigers in the country [with SRI is defined as the number of successful sighting safaris versus total safaris undertaken in the last 28 days].
Currently home to approximately 80+ tigers , however not comprehensive we have listed below the famous Tigers of Tadoba

[Madhuri image courtesy Aravind Srinivasan]

tadoba tigers sonam

[Sonam with her cub, image Anil]

Sonam (T30)
Maya (T12)
Botezari Female  (T11)
Devdoha Female (T8)
Aswalhira Female (T9)
Ambepat Female (T18)

Tadoba Tigers Sitara

[Sitara image courtesy Sanjeev Giridhar]

Vaghdoha Male  (T38)
Yeda Anna Male (T39)
Shivaji  (T40)
Rantalodhi Male (T41)
Gabbar (T42)

Shivanjari Tadoba Tigers

[Sivanjari – image courtesy Shiv Sanjeev]

Katezari Male  (T43)
Navegaon Male  (T45)
Namdeo  (T47)

tadoba tigers Gabbar maya

[Gabbar & Maya – Image Courtesy Aravind Srinivasan]

Bajrang  (T49)
Tara  (T7)
Pandu Male  (T54)

tadoba tigers matkasura

[Matkasura – Image Courtesy Shiv Sanjeev]

Madhuri  (T10)
Vanarchuva Female  (T20)
Bhanuskhindi Female  (T17)

[Choti Tara – image courtesy Subhash Nair]

[Would love to get all the names. If any is left out, please do send their names to tadoba@wildtrails.in]

tadoba tigers kuhani

[Kuhani – image courtesy Aravind Srinivasan]

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