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Complete list of all Resorts Kolara Gate Tadoba Tiger Reserve

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Below is a comprehensive list of all resorts Kolara Gate Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and National Park. The hotels or resorts are listed of Kolara gate and if you book safari for Kolara gate or Kolara Zone, you need to book the resort/hotel respective to that gate only.

[To find the complete list of all hotels & resorts Kolara Gate tadoba or for any other gates too, their availability, their rates, to which gate they are associated,  how far are they from the safari point (that us gate), which buffer safari points are associated with what gates and hence what resorts and also to find the way to book safari, to book the gypsies, to book the drivers & guides, please download the app – WildTrails India (Android & iOS)]

Resorts Kolara Gate Tadoba:

The Super Luxury Resort @ KolaraKolara
Luxury Lodges @ Kolara Kolara
Medium Range but very good resort @ KolaraKolara
Budget Stay @ KolaraKolara


The app also has complete step by step procedure to book the safari as well as the sightings details, guides details etc. but if you need help, as always, drop us an email to You can also send post enquiries directly to the resorts to work out best rates.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Tadoba Tiger Reserve Resorts:

  1. Each gate each is separated from the other by approx. 20 to 140 kms. So please don’t book safari at a given gate and resort at a different gate as you will regret later. Practically impossible to go to the gate from your resort if there is a mismatch and worse you can’t come back in the afternoon and rest either as you can’t go back to the safari gate for the afternoon safari on time.
  2. Also make sure that your chosen accommodation is not very far from the safari gate. If it is pretty far, it not only adds to your time in the morning to get to the safari gate, you might end up last in the line to get into the forest (and hence might miss the sightings) but you might end up paying additional cost to the Gypsy driver to pick and drop back and hence might get your overall safari cost much more
  3. We visited every resort over there (yes, all 60 of them in the entire Tadoba region) and we found many are NOT what they seem like on their website and many don’t have basic amenities (hot water is limited to a given time, you need to get it in a bucket for reception, food is very limited and also restricted to a very small window of time, some don’t pack breakfast for your safari and lot more) and such irregularities will really spoil your safari experience and overall your forest visit experience and you might go back with a bad taste. So selecting the right resort and at a right distance from the gate becomes paramount.


We have seen people booking safari at one gate and resort at a totally different gate and their rationalization is that all are Tadoba – please note that the gates are from 20 to 150 kms apart and almost impossible to commute between the resort and the safari gate if there are not attached to the same gate or zone. Please always ensure they are attached to the same gate. Any confusion, do send us an email to or what’s app us to +919901175444

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Complete list of all Resorts of Tadoba Tiger Reserve

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