5 Unforgettable safari experiences in South India
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Travel Bucketlist: 5 Unforgettable safari experiences in South India

Unforgettable safari experiences in South India

Groove into the dense woods to know how it feels to have a safari holiday as part of your venture. Abundant flora and fauna in these woods along with the rough and tough terrain would surely make your vacation more exciting than before. Here are some of the unforgettable safari experiences in South India.

South Indian national parks and forest reserves were always known for innovative ways of conserving forests. In fact, the Indian State of Forest Report or more popularly known as ISFR in their surveys found that the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh play crucial roles in increasing forest growth all over India. We, at WildTrails, are proud pioneers in scheduling not just a safari tour but a hassle-free wildlife holiday to the popular National Parks in India.


Kabini Tiger Reserve :

Kabini backwaters forest safari is the most popular forest reserve in the state of Karnataka. One of the places in south India, which is wide open to explore throughout the year, Kabini is a part of Nagarhole Wildlife sanctuary.

Nagarhole National Park


What’s special at Kabini?

The fauna. The safari types they offer and many more. You can either choose a boat safari or jeep safari or both for a solitary wildlife experience. The black Panther here named Bhageera is the pride of Kabini. Royal Bengal Tiger is always a gamble, if found one here at Kabini would make your day greener.


How To Reach Kabini

220 km from Bengaluru and 90 km from Mysuru both cities have airports with connecting flights from all over India.


Where to stay In Kabini

There are a lot of properties to stay in, some of which offer a package for the safari along with the stay.  Know When Is The Best Season To Visit Kabini


Nagarhole Tiger Reserve :

Nagarhole National Park is indeed the pride of Karnataka with an infinite number of flora and a vast variety of fauna to traverse the jungle.


What’s special at Nagarhole?

The rich flora and fauna are through the woods, waterfalls, streams, lakes, and hills. The forest entry is closer to Coorg which is popularly known as Scotland of India. Hence there are a lot of places to look out for in and around Nagarhole National Park.


How To Reach Nagarhole –

220 km from Bengaluru and 90 km from Mysuru. Both cities have airports with connecting flights from all over India.


Where to stay In Nagarhole

There are a lot of properties to stay in, some of which offer a package for the safari along with the stay. Flora and fauna of Kabini


Bandipur Tiger Reserve :

Bandipur National Park shares its space with the borders of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The forest stretch will then be Mudumalai National Park once you enter Tamil Nadu. The 220 km Tiger reserve was established in 1974 and is home to over 231 tigers.

What’s special at Bandipur? The fauna view at the closest possible capture. The peafowls shy away from you just like you do with your boss when you miss hitting the target. Spotted deers, boars, and leopards are common sightings while you pass through the forest.


How To Reach Bandipur National Park

210 km from Bengaluru and 70 km from Mysuru. Both cities have airports with connecting flights from all over India.

Know When Is The Best Time To Visit Bandipur National Park


Where to stay In Bandipur?

There are a lot of properties to stay in, however, there are only quite a few of them which are reliable. 

Bandipur Safari Packages


Biligiri Ranganathaswamy Temple (BRT) Tiger Reserve 

KGudi forest is one of the less explored jungles in Karnataka. Unlike other forest reserves, KGudi is a height of about 1800 feet to 6000 feet. The forest area is hence sloppy, however, there are great sightings if visited at the right time.

What’s special at KGudi? The forest area is a part of Biligiri Ranganatha Hills which in turn got its name after the temple at the top of the hills. A drive from the base to the top of the temple or towards the forest office is one of the best things to do here. A safari drive through the unrestricted areas here at KGudi is worthy and if you are fortunate enough, you may see some of the rarest sightings.


How To Reach BRT Tiger Reserve :

190 km from Bengaluru and 90 km from Mysuru. Both cities have airports with connecting flights from all over India. The forest reserve is in Chamarajanagar district near Mysuru.


Where to stay In BRT?

 Check out the best properties at https://packages.wildtrails.in/

BRT Tiger Reserve

Bhadra Tiger Reserve

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is one such place in the Chikamagaluru forest area that is good enough to explore wildlife. The forest reserve is around 23 km south of Bhadravati city. The area consists of dry deciduous trees with the Bhadra river flowing through them.


What’s special about Bhadra?

Very less travelers are aware that Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and Muthodi Wildlife Sanctuary. This place indeed has got some interesting sights.


How To Reach Bhadra Tiger Reserve

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is around 280 km from Bengaluru. NH 48 and SH 24 connect Bengaluru to Bhadra.


Where to stay? 

Check out the best properties in Bhadra at https://packages.wildtrails.in/

Bhadra Tiger Reserve


 Booking your next safari is just a few steps-

Step 1: Head over to https://packages.wildtrails.in/

Step 2: Select your favorite National Park. Fill in the Check-in and Checkout dates along with your group size.

Tiger reserve in south India

Step 3: Choose the type of accommodation. It can be anything as per your budget. Click on ‘Details’

Top tiger reserves in karnataka


Step 4: Select the number of safari drives and the type of safari you wish to choose.

Top safaris Locations in South India

Step 5: Select add-on options if you wish to have them to your itinerary. Click on Send Enquiry.

Best Places To Visit In South India

Step 6: Fill out the form-

Best Places To Visit Near Bangalore

Reasons to book your holiday with WildTrails

1)  Dedicated platform for a wildlife holiday.

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3)  No middlemen, no additional commissions, no unnecessary markups, the best competitive rates you can ever get, and the best part is you connect directly with the Resorts/Hotels. Further, your booking amount shall benefit the locals and hence will help improve their economic condition which in a way is critical for better conservation of the flora and fauna in the park.




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