Good News! 2023 will offer over 15 long weekends. Plan your Wildlife vacations now
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Good News! 2023 will offer over 15 long weekends. Plan your Wildlife vacations now

The new year is here and so is the new calendar. And so are the holiday list. The first thing checked out by frequent travelers is the possibility of getting extended weekends. One reason – To travel. This time, in 2023, there are 15 such weekends throughout the year. This year could officially be the year of wildlife travel.

Why Holiday?

All of us need some time away from the regular routine. Be it a job or business, all of us do deserve to take vacations, be it for any reason. Reasons can be anything. From improving productivity to planning some time with dear ones, reunions, gatherings, or even workcations. With the right budget, place, planning, and implementation, you end up making your holiday the best bang for your buck.


Why Wildlife Holiday?

Vacations can be of many types. There is a vast variety of vacation types and each of us has certain preferences. It is indeed tough to choose between the mountains and beaches. Some might like both. Few of us would love to have both in a single itinerary.

There are 106 National parks in India. These are some of the best forest reserves to check out for long weekends


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January 14-15: Lohri/Makara Sankranti and Pongal

The first festival of the year can be merrier and the best time to kick start the vacation vibes. Taking a day off on Friday or Monday can help you plan for a 3-day vacation.


  1.       January 26-29: Republic Day
  • January 26 – Thursday
  • January 27 – Friday (Take a day off)
  • January 28 – Saturday
  • January 29 – Sunday

Take a pride of this occasion by spending time with your loved ones at your favourite wildlife resort.


  1.       March 8 – Holi
  • March 8 -Wednesday
  • March 9 – Thursday
  • March 10 – Friday
  • March 11 – Saturday
  • March 12 – Sunday

The festival of colors can be at an off-beat holiday spot or chill at your favorite place away from home.

Wildlife vacation


  1.       April 7 – Good Friday
  • April 7 – Friday
  • April 8 – Saturday
  • April 9 – Sunday

Enjoy your summer at the forest reserves for the best sightings.


  1.       May 1 – May Day

May day comes on Monday, and you can still get better sightings at most of the tiger reserves if you plan to schedule your holiday during this time


  1.       May 5 – Buddha Purnima
  • May 5 – Friday
  • May 6 – Saturday
  • May 7 – Sunday

The summer vacations can never be better than this if planned in right manner.

Tigers Of Ranthambore 

  1.       June 29 – Bakri Eid
  • June 30 – Fridayday
  • July 1 – Saturday
  • July 2 – Sunday

Plan to take a day off for 30th of June (Friday) to get a 4-day week-off.


7.       August 15- Independence Day

  • August 12 – Saturday
  •  August 13 – Sunday
  • August 14 – Monday (Day-off)
  •  August 15 – Tuesday

Enjoy the freedom week starting from 12th of August. Plan for a day off on 14th of August (Monday) and celebrate freedom with your loved ones on a 4-day vacation.

 Weekend Safari Gates From Bengaluru


  1.       August 29 – Tiru Onam

The main day of Onam comes on Tuesday the 29th of August. Take a day off on 28th to get a 4-day vacation.

  • August 28 – Saturday
  • August 27 – Sunday
  •  August 28 – Monday (Day-off)
  • August 29 – Tuesday


  1.       September 7 – Krishna Janmashtami
  • September 7 – Thursday
  • September 8 – Friday
  • September 9 – Saturday
  • September 10 – Sunday

Take a day off on 8th September to get a 4-day vacation.


  1.   September 19 – Ganesh Chaturthi


  • September 16 – Saturday
  • September 17 – Sunday

Get a 4-day vacation by taking a day-off on 18th September


  1.   October 2- Gandhi Jayanti
  • September 30 – Saturday
  • October 1 – Sunday

A 3-day vacation is ideal to start the month.


  1.   October 24 – Dasara
  • October 21 – Saturday
  • October 22 – Sunday

Kill the Ravan within by getting some time away from your daily routine. Plan a day off on 23rd of October

Safaris At Tadoba

  1. November 1 – Kannada Rajyotsava

October 28 – Saturday

October 29 – Sunday

October 30 – Monday

October 31 – Tuesday

Post Dasara time would be ideal for a vacation. Besides, celebrate the proud occasion of Kannada Rajyotsava at your favorite wildlife resort. Take off on 30th and 31st of October to have a joyful 5-day vacation.


  1.   November 13 – Deepavali
  • November 11 – Saturday
  • November 12 – Sunday

Light up your life by planning a 3-day vacation.


  1.   November 27 – Guru Nanak Jayanti
  • November 25 – Saturday
  • November 26 – Sunday


  1.   December 25 – Christmas
  • December 23 – Saturday
  • December 24 – Sunday

One last trip of the year? Definitely! End your year on a high note by planning a 3-day holiday.


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