Best Season Visiting Tadoba National Park
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Best Season Visiting Tadoba

Best Season Visiting Tadoba

This article talks about the best season visiting Tadoba national park to increase your chances of sighting the tiger. Also talks about the best time to do birding as well as the best time to enjoy lush green forest per se (as we found out that not everyone is behind the big cat).

Before we get into analyzing when is the best season to visit Tadoba, we should mention that the fact that now Tadoba will be open 365 days a year with no monsoon closure (it used to be from has been removed since 2016/2017)

Best Season Visiting Tadoba to increase your chances of sighting the tiger:

Winter season [November to February] is probably the best time to visit Tadoba National Park. However, the best season to sight tigers would be the hotter months (March, April and May). You can check the TSI (Tiger Sighting Index ™) for various months in our app – WildTrails India App. Seems December & January also seems the best time if you go by the TSI.

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Best Time Visiting Tadoba:

There is a morning safari and there is a late-afternoon safari and there is a full day safari. We have been asked by numerous tourists on what is the right time to increase the chances of sighting a tiger and our answer is actually dawn and dusk – that’s the time when the big cats go prowling and walking. That makes both morning and evening sessions very critical. So what about whole day safari then, is that a waste? Not really. That’s when the crowd is gone and you have your own quiet peaceful time and can catch Tigers resting and in playful mood, especially when there are cubs. Also more importantly it is not the full-day that gives you better chance but because you have booked full-day safari, you get the opportunity to be inside the park first and to get out last and that 15-20 minute period gives you the best opportunity to sight tigers.

[If you want a full-day safari, enquire us about how to book one]

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Best Season Visiting Tadoba for Birding:

January to late April is the best time for Birding. Vegetation and insect life is at its best with the onset of rains in mid-June until end of August

Best Season Visiting Tadoba to enjoy the lush green forest:

Post monsoon is also a good time to visit Tadoba Wildlife Sanctuary when the jungle becomes lush green and is filled with flowers.

Please note that since the winter session of the State Government will be on at Nagpur which is around the end of December,  officials end up thronging Tadoba by this time and hence bookings may be a problem. Also end of December is also holiday season getting tickets might be an issue. If you are planning for late December, please book as early as 120 days to avoid last minute disappointment. If you are one of those who likes to enjoy the forest and the tigers in solitude, avoid late December.

PS: Feature Image courtesy Arvind Srinivasan

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