The Most Inexpensive way to plan a Tadoba Trip from Bangalore
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The Most Inexpensive way to plan a Tadoba Trip from Bangalore

This article will explain about Tadoba and its greatness and also gives you methods and tips for an inexpensive way to plan a Tadoba Trip from Bangalore.

What is Tadoba?

Tadoba aka Tadoba Andhari Tiger reserve is a wildlife sanctuary and a Tiger reserve in the state of Maharashtra. It is located approx. 100 kms south of Nagpur, Maharashtra in the Chandrapur district closer to the tri-state area of Maharashtra, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh.

Bangalore and Tadoba

Bangaloreans who knows Tadoba know it vey well but people who don’t know have no clue what Tadoba is all about and where it is located and why is it so popular. One of my good wildlife friends from Bangalore when asked about Tadoba, he counter question was that, “Is it in Africa” and all my high expectations just collapsed and that’s when I decided to write this blog.

Most Bangaloreans who love wildlife are not even aware of  Tadoba. All they know is Bandipur or Nagarhole or BR hills or Bhadra tiger reserve and to some extent Dandeli and Mudumalai and Wayanad for sure. If you go further up in the North, they will know Ranthambore and Jim Corbett (yeah they are very well Marketed for sure). By the way this does mot apply to to the hardcore Wildlifers who I know many. They know every turn and stone in Tadoba. If you are one of them please exit right away and this article is not for you 🙂

[I hope you experts all exited and others please continue :-)]

Why Tadoba?

right Tadoba safari gate

Due to great efforts of the forest department, the locals there and of the Maharashtra Govt,  Tadoba has become the Tiger haven of the county which has one of the highest densities of tigers as well as tiger cubs and has the least number of accidental deaths too. If you are thinking of any place where there is almost a certainty of sighting a tiger, this is the place. Here people don’t say they sighted a tiger, but they say they sighted by their names – be it Maya or Sonam or Choti Tara or Matkasur etc. That gives you an idea why people rush to Tadoba.

How to reach Tadoba from Bangalore?

The adventurous ones can drive as it is approx. 1000 kms and a 15-hr drive and can break the journey at Hyderabad (which is approx. 570 kms and a 8-hr drive) and then next day you can go drive towards Tadoba which is approx. 430 kms and a 7-hr drive. The road is extremely good which is an added advantage.

If you want to take a bus, you can go upto Chandrapur or to Nagpur which ever is closer to your Safari Gate (Will come to it soon) and then hire a cab to go to the safari gate. If you want to take a train, take one to Balharshah (details below) and take a flight to Nagpur and you get cabs from both Balharshah and Nagpur to Tadoba

How to book a Train for Tadoba from Bangalore?

1. Take the 8.30pm Rajdhani Express from Bangalore and by 12.30pm next day, you will reach Balharshah Station and get down there
2. Tadoba gates (some of them) are just 40 min (44 kms) by there which has the most Gypsys and most resorts
3. by 2ish, you will be in the resort and enough time to relax and get ready for the Afternoon Safari in time
4. Return journey details: On your last day at Tadoba, After morning safari, take a cab to Balharshah, board Rajdhani @ 1315 and reach bangalore next morning @8am

How to plan a safari in Tadoba?

tadoba gypsy

You should read these blogs – I have tackled them separately

How to book a safari in Tadoba?

Tadoba Safari Gates

Tadoba Safari Timings

How to plan a stay in Tadoba?

Unlike how we do in Bangalore for jungle safaris, where we book the resort first and they mostly arrange the safari for you, here Safari and Stay are decoupled (Thank God for it). You book your safari first which is most critical. Stay are dime a dozen here in Tadoba. You get from Rs. 1000 per night to Rs. 22,000 per night, and very rarely [almost never] you will run out of resort options. There are more rooms than Safari tickets and hence you don’t have to lose your mind about resorts [unless you are very particular that you need a resort which has a say swimming pool etc].

bamboo tadoba

I feel best way is to book your stay using WildTrails India App. I am not promoting it because it is ours but thats the only one which lists resorts based on to which safari gate it is attached and distance from that gate (for eg if you choose Moharli as the gate and if you choose a resort say near to Kolara, you need to spend almost 3 hrs each way to reach the gate and your safari starts at 6am – and all portals put all of them as Tadoba Resorts only and a novice will get it wrong for sure)

Won’t all these add up to be very expensive? Not really – below are Tips for an Inexpensive way to plan a Tadoba Trip from Bangalore

Complex yes, with 12 gates and all spread across some 140 kms apart but expensive? Not really. Let me work it out for you. Take the train to Balharshah, it will cost to 7 fro from Rs1200 to Rs2400 depending upon the train and the class of travel. A cab from railway station to Tadoba will cost Rs2400 max both ways (and to be divided by 6 people, which is Rs400 each) and a Gypsy Safari for 6 exclusively for you, will cost not more than Rs3500 (if you book on your own) which comes to approx. Rs600 per person per safari and assume you do six safaris, total cost will be Rs.3600 per person for SIX exclusive Gypsy Safaris which is 4 hours each. Now add a budget stay including all food and a decent one, will cost max rs3000 per night and for six safaris yiu need to stay 3 nights and will be Rs9000 per person and that’s it you are done. So total cost works out to be, Train(2400), Cab (400), Safaris (3600) and Stay (9000), a total per person will be Rs15,400 per person for 3 nights, six exclusive jeep safaris for your team, each safari is 4 hours duration, that is total of 24 hours worth of Safari timings.

For a long weekend, you take an extra day off, assume you leave by train on Friday night, you can do Safaris on Sat, Sun & Mon and one on Tue morning and leave to Bangalore Tue afternoon and you will be by early morning on Wednesday back to Bangalore and ready for work and With Bragging Rights of Spotting many tigers!!!!!!

If you don’t want to take off an extra day, do 2 nights, and 4 safaris. assume you leave by train on Friday night, you can do Safaris on Sat afternoon, Sun 2 safaris and Mon morning one safari and leave to Bangalore and you will be back to work  by Tue morning with no extra leaves and with almost the same bragging rights!! Also cost will come down to 11,200 for the entire trip!!

But how does that compare with going local sanctuaries here?

Now lets compare to say Bandipur (I won’t even go near Kabini and you know why :-)) and it approx. costs Rs8000 per person per night for 2 safaris including travel cost toBandipur from Bangalore. Now if yo make that for 6 safaris for three nights will cost you approx. Rs.22,000 per person [compared with Rs.15,400] with some shortcomings like duration of safari is just 3 hours, you are not sure whether you will get a jeep or a canter (mini bus) and even if you get a jeep, it will not be exclusive for your group.

Further Info:

If you need further info on Tadoba or need further help to plan a visit to Tadoba, and need further info or you want us to help you book safaris and/or stay with, contact us any time via an email to  or call us any time on +918030178142 or WhatsApp us @ +919901175444. Also please do install WildTrails India App or read the below related blogs.

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PS: Please be a responsible wildlife tourist; No littering, No sounds, No feeding, no getting down from the safari jeep (when on safari), No phone calls. Remember that we are visiting their home and when we are there, let’s follow their rules.

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