Top Wildlife Destinations To Experience The Best Jungle Safari With The Family
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Top Wildlife Destinations To Experience The Best Jungle Safari With The Family


Bandipur is a beautiful tiger reserve near the princely city of Mysore in Karnataka. Bandipur is approx 230 km south of Bangalore [takes approx 5 hours] & 70 km south of Mysore [Approx. 1 hour]. Bandipur is situated between the picturesque Western Ghats next to the Mysore-Ooty highway in Karnataka, the Park was once the private hunting reserve for the Maharaja of Mysore. Bandipur is popular for the population of tigers present in it. Bandipur National Park is regarded as one of the most beautiful and well-managed national parks in India.

Bandipur National Park is home for several Indian endangered Species, One can expect to see animals like Elephants, Gaurs, Sambar deers, Tigers, Sloth Bears, Leopards, and Wild Dogs.

Birds like Crested Serpent Eagle, Crested Hawk-Eagle, Brown Fish Owl, Malabar Parakeet, Rose-Ringed Parakeet, Streak Throated Woodpecker, Blue bearded Bee Eater, Black Shoulder Kite, Black Hooded Oriole, Bronze-Winged Jacana, Little Grebe are recently spotted.


The Beautiful Bewitching Bandipur

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What you must know about Jeep Safari in Bandipur & Nagarhole (Kabini & Coorg)?


The Ranthambore National Park is home to the royal predators dwelling in the royal land of Rajasthan and was previously a famous hunting ground for the Maharajas. Now a wildlife conservation park, this park is most famous for its Tiger trails.  Ranthambore National Park is definitely one of the top destinations where you get a chance to see wildlife in its best manner possible.

Ranthambore is certainly a dream destination for wildlife photography enthusiasts that will transit you to a surreal place away from the city, isolated in the land of dust and stone. There are many wildlife reserves all around India but what makes Ranthambore one and only is its exotic site, the destination is even more fascinating with dry barren lands, colorful atmosphere, gravel roads, and historical forts. 


Best time for visiting Ranthambore and tiger sightseeing

Ranthambore Safari Zones

Most Inexpensive way to enjoy a Jeep Safari at Ranthambore


Everyone wishes to go to a park where wildlife is at its best. Bandhavgarh National Park-the land of tigers is one of the top destinations for you. Bandhavgarh is the perfect example of beautiful tiger sightings and definitely a park that never disappoints the tourists. Bandhavgarh will take you to the lush greenery of the forested regions that are incredibly the natural abode of the variant wild species. This park is known for its large population of royal Bengal tigers, especially in the central Tala zone. Other animals include leopards, deer, etc. The mix of tropical forest, Sal trees and grassland is home to scores of bird species, including eagles. 

Chakradhar is the place in Bandhavgarh National Park which is famous for tiger sighting. It offers different species of both flora and fauna. On this meadow, one can also find a high density of tigers.


Bandhavgarh Resorts

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Bandhavgarh National Park


Gir National Park is not only the largest compact tract of dry deciduous forests and one of the top wildlife destinations to spot the Royal Asiatic Lions. Besides Africa, this is the only place in the world where you can spot Asiatic lions roaming free in the wild. The major difference between the two is that African Lion appears larger than the Asiatic Lion.

Chances of spotting Lions and other wildlife animals are really good. There are approx. 36 Lions and 8 Lion cubs in Gir Sanctuary. 

The biggest attraction, of course, is Asiatic Lions. Apart from Asiatic Lions other wildlife animals in Gir are comprised of Indian Leopards, Jungle cats, Golden Jackals, Indian Palm Civets, Striped Hyenas and also an exotic shelter for more than 325 species of birds.

Duration of the Safari: Morning and evening safaris happen on a daily basis like other parks. The duration of a safari is 2.5 Hours.


Gir Forest National Park


Whatever’s on your wildlife wishlist, we think we may have found the next perfect Wildlife holiday for you. One of the largest and oldest national park,  which has the endless treasure of a large number of species of trees & plants and wildlife like Panthers, Tigers, Hyenas, Sloth Bears, Wild Dogs, Jackals, Barking Deer, Bison, Sambar, Herd of Deer to name a few. 

Chances of spotting Tigers and other wildlife animals are really good. There are around 88 Tigers out of which 15-18 are sub-adult cubs and there are also 20-25 Leopards in Tadoba.  The most famous Tigers of this area are T7 (Choti Tara), T12 (Maya), T54 (Matkasur), T49 (Bajrang) and T30 (Sonam) in Tadoba.

Tadoba National Park is enclosed by some beautiful places and temples like Tadoba Lake, Sankatmochan Hanuman Mandir, Shiv Mandir, and Urjanagar Lake.  


Tantalizing Tadoba Packages

Tadoba Jungle Safari

How to plan a Quick Tadoba Getaway just under 24 hours

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Jim Corbett National Park has it all from hills, rivers, forests, marshlands, and grasslands, it is definitely a paradise for wildlife lovers and adventure lovers. Spread across 520.8 sq km, the national park is located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It is the oldest national park and is named after Jim Corbett who played a vital role in its establishment. The park houses beautiful yet dangerous reptiles. But it is definitely the Royal Bengal Tigers in their natural habitat that is the main attraction in Jim Corbett.

A large number of people visit Corbett to explore this hidden treasure of nature. This is a wonderful place where you can spot endangered species, attractive flora and fauna, charming climate, incredible peace, and substantially more. Wildlife Safaris in Corbett National Park -Jungle, Jeep and elephant Safaris are the ideal way of exploring Corbett.


 Jim Corbett National Park & Tiger Reserve (CTR)

 Tips to book Wildlife Safari in Jim Corbett National Park India


Kaziranga National Park of Assam is one of the best wildlife tourism destinations in India. Kaziranga is the home to the famed, ‘unicorn’ or one-horned Rhinoceros, and of course the majestic Bengal Tiger, the park boasts of a stunning collection of flora and fauna.  No other park in the country is home to three big cats- the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Leopard, and the elusive Clouded Leopard. You can visit Kaziranga National Park from November to April. The Park remains closed during the monsoon season from 1st May to 31st October. It is very hot and humid during the daytime in summers, but you can spot a plethora of wildlife as animals come out in search of water. Winter season is the best time for those who can’t stand the scorching sun. It is also the best season for Bird watching in Kaziranga. 


 All about Kaziranga National Park


Nagarhole National is nourished with rich wildlife, attractive jungle and a scenic lake, Nagarhole is one of Karnataka’s best wildlife getaways. It’s approx the same distance from Bangalore [240 kms] or Mysore [70 kms].

The Southern part of Nagarhole which is in Mysore District on the banks of River Kabini (Kapila) is called the Kabini Jungle and is popular for great sightings and is a Wildlife photographer’s dream location. The Kabini River winds through jungle landscapes, home to tigers, Asian elephants and a variety of birds. Nearby, the Irupu Falls cascade down tree-lined rocks.


 All about Nagarhole National Park

 Kabini Nagarhole Safari Timings

  The Enchanting Nagarhole!!

 Nagarhole Safari Info & Safari Timings, Travel Information, Guide, Wildlife Tour

  Most Inexpensive way to enjoy a Jeep Safari at Kabini (Nagarhole)!


Pench, another national park from Central India and another park with superb sightings. Pench National Park- The jungle that became a book,  still brings humans in close contact with wildlife like it did in the iconic ‘The Jungle Book. Rudyard Kipling based Mowgli’s adventures, and his battle with the furious Sher Khan, at this very place.

The park has several species of animals among which wild gaurs, tigers, leopard, monkeys, and deer, etc, are easily observed. 

The biggest attraction, of course, are Tigers and Leopards that can be seen very often in this park. There are approx 50+ Tigers, 40+ Leopards in Pench and 18-20 cubs. The most famous Tigresses of this park are Collarwali, Langdi, and Patdev.

Besides Tigers and Leopards, you can also spot Sloth Bears, Wild Dogs, Wolf, Golden Jackal, Indian Giant Squirrels, and Jungle cats. There is also Natural trail bird watching where you can spot a variety of birds. Hornbills and Peafowl are common birds found here. You can also easily spot Ducks here. 

Key gates and zones in Pench National Park:

Core zones: Touria, Karmajhiri, Jhamtara, Khursapar, and Sillari

Buffer zone: Teliya and Rukhad


Kanha National Park, one of the top 10 national parks and also with one of the best tiger sightings. The lush sal, bamboo forests and grassy meadows of Kanha Tiger Reserve is a vast expanse of grassland and forest in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Tigers, Jackals, Black Buck, and wild pigs can be spotted in Kanha Meadows. Animals often gather at the watering holes of Sondar Tank and Babathenga Tank. 


Kanha National Park

How to Reach Kanha Safari Gates?

Best Season to Visit Kanha

Key Tips for First Time Kanha Visitors

“Kanha – The Most Beautiful Forest in India”

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